Big Brothers, Big Sisters

Provides in or out of school monitoring that gives youth the chance to share their experiences and develop friendly and supportive relationships with their mentor through regular visits and interactions.

Grand Erie Alternative Learning
Education & Employment Assistance

Assists in helping youth attain their diploma and/or finding employment.

Children’s Aid Society
Living Independently For Tomorrow (L.I.F.T.)

Offers programs and services to help support youth to successfully function in society. This program is geared towards teaching necessary life skills to move into independence.

Children’s Aid Society
Conquering Obstacles Reaching Excellence (C.O.R.E.)

2nd/3rd/4th weeks of every month, except July & August

St. Leonard’s
Youth Anger Management

This program adresses risks and needs in areas of anger, and provides youth with the necessary skills and strategies to avoid reacting negatively/impultively in anger triggering situations.

St. Leonard’s
Learning Centres

519-756-1117 ext. 2215

Provides youth with individualized educational service plans, which are reviewed with the student to address any concerns linked to the students learning style, as well as provides classroom counsellers that support the student and prepare for integration.

Norfolk Pregnancy & Family Resource Centre
N’Courage Girls Club

Helps Build image and self esteem in girls ages 10 – 13 through the use of activities, workshops, and skill teachings.

Norfolk Pregnancy & Resource Centre

Teaches boundaries and how to apply them in life. Teaching the ability to say yes/no to making your own choices.

Norfolk Pregnancy & Resource Centre
You’re the Chef

Provides a program that teaches skills and confidence in making your own meals.